18mm MDF CNC Routered & Laser Cut

Fillable Easter Bunny Shape


This piece comes in parts for you to decorate and glue together

Pieces Include


Front Layer 3mm Laser Cut with bunny detail

Acrylic Layer

Middle Fillable Core 27mm Wide

Back Layer


Dimensions 28cm x 19cm


The fillable area is 20m x 18cm x 2.7cm


The bunny holds approx 28 mini cadbury eggs, a lot larger that others on the market

Other eggs also fit including the galaxy mini eggs, mini kinder eggs and more




We would advise on only filling with eggs that have wrappers


All pieces come separate for you to decorate and glue together


Acrylic Paint works best on the paints and acrylic paint pens are great for the finer detail

Glue together with a PVA Wood Glue


18mm Freestanding Fillable Easter Egg Holder Bunny


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