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Precision cut from MDF.


MDF products are made from the highest quality FSC certified Medite MDF.




Door Horseshoe 95mm x 100m

Door SH 80mm x 100mm

Door TD 90mm x x100mm

Door PS 80mm x 105mm

Door SB 90mm x 100m

Door W  90mm X 100mm

Door WH 95mm x 100mm

Door CT 80mm x 105mm

Door BHT 70mm x 105mm



Best paint to use on MDF pieces is acrylic paints, paint pens are fab to doing smaller detail.
A pva wood glue works great when sticking the pieces together


Items are cut using a laser machine so there may be a smell of burnt wood and the edges may be a little darker in colour this is normal with all laser cut items.


This item is not a toy, small pieces should be kept away from children.



These windows are made for indoor use but if coated with an exterior varnish can be placed outside.

We recommend to place in a sheltered area.

Each pack contains 9 doors

9 Pack MDF Fairy Doors Assorted Vol.2

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