Laser Cut 3mm Plywood Fairy Door

Pack of 9


You get one of each design


Code BE - 7cm x 10cm
Code R - 10.5cm x 10cm
Code CS - 7.5cm X 10cm
Code RB - 9cm x 10cm
Code P - 7.5cm x 11cm
Code KS - 8.5cm x 10.5cm
Code MPE - 8cm x 10cm
Code C - 7cm x 10.5cm
Code SF - 7.5cm x 10.5cm


This item is laser cut from 3mm Birch Plywood, it comes sanded smooth for easy decorating. Top quality wood compared to others on the market.

A range of mediums can be used to decorate these cute magical doors. We recommend acrylic paint, emulsion tester pots are great,
colouring pencils and chalks also give a great affect.


Pieces can also be left in their bare state for a rustic look. 

These doors are suitable for indoor use in kids bedrooms on skirting boards and shelves. They can be used outdoors once sealed with an appropriate top coat or exterior varnish and placed in a sheltered location. 


9 Pack Plywood Fairy Door Flat Assorted Designs